Anti Inflammatory Diet


I have been working with a Naturopathic Nutritionist for the past few weeks to deal with some of my issues that I am certain are food related. Issues like the indigestion and heart burn every day, the little pop up bouts of eczema, the insomnia and of course the cancer.

After much discussion and blood work and more discussions she has put me on an anti inflammatory diet which eliminates quite a bit of food from my diet. Food that causes inflammation internally that causes all of the above problems externally. It was explained to me like a mosquito bite, the body’s way of protecting itself from the things that are going to damage it, like food allergies. But over time that inflammation if not taken care of starts to do it’s own damage and the symptoms I have start presenting. So the way to stop the inflammation is to go on a very restrictive diet and then after a month or so reintroduce foods back in to see if that is the trigger. Although knowing my personality if it helps I may give those foods up altogether.

Here is the list of foods I need to be avoiding:

Night Shade vegetables
Citrus (does not include lemon)

Night Shade Vegetables include:
Peppers (does not include black pepper)
Goji Berries

For me this is going to be very difficult because I love pasta with tomato sauce, breads of all kind, and I am a sugar-aholic. I love baking. It is no wonder that I got cancer if I am indeed sensitive to any of the above.

Even though this diet is very restrictive it is not impossible to follow. There are still copious amounts of foods that I can eat. It just makes eating out at restaurants very very difficult, which in a way is a good thing because it will force me to create more meals at home and save more money. And yes I am trying to find any positive spin on this because if I think about it too much and what I am missing out on I may just go crazy.

I thought I would start to document my experiences here as a way to stay on track and record my highs and lows while following this and to share everything that I am going through.  Maybe my experiences will help someone else.  Who knows!


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